Lecturer in Politics

Department of Politics and International Relations

University of Aberdeen


I read and write on the politics of Tanzania.

I specialise in political communication. In particular, I focus on the extraordinary importance of mass rallies. I argue that many election campaigns - in Tanzania, elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, and elsewhere in the world - are rally-intensive.  I am currently writing a book about rally-intensive electioneering, based on my doctoral research.

I focus in political ideology. I study political ideologies as discourses. I write on nationalism, restorationism, populism and elitist plebeianism.

I focus on poltiical parties. I study how parties organise. In particular, I focus on opposition party-building. I also study how political parties cede power to private financiers to raise funds as their election campaigns become more costly.

Dan Paget. Lecturer in Politics at the University of Aberdeen. http://www.danpaget.com

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Photographs courtesy of Nicole Beardsworth, University of Warwick, and Pernille Bærendtsen, Copenhagen University.