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Research grants

Sussex School of Law, Politics and Sociology, Seedcorn Funding Scheme 2023-4 (£5,000). Populist or Elitist Plebeian? What Attitudes Legitimise Electoral Autocracy in Tanzania?

Carnegie Trust Research Grant, 2023-4 (£9,000). Fighting for Democracy. New Ideologies of Opposition in Contemporary Authoritarian Regimes.

Aberdeen School of Social Sciences, 2023 (£2,400). Republican anti-corruption messages. Making anti-corruption campaigning anti-oligarchic.

ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, 2019 (reserve-listed). Rally-intensive campaigning.

International IDEA, 2012-3 (€22,000). The Emergence of Programmatic Politics, with Prof. Nic Cheeseman.

Under development
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